The Many Personalities of Americans

In simpler times, every culture had its own personality – one for men, and one for women. But we no longer live in simple times – we have become developed – and developed many personalities. But still cling to the illusion that we have only one – our real self – that is all right.

One can easily see that Americans have at least two selves – the good self, and the bad self. Just as their Victorian ancestors did. The bad self is usually projected outward – something that has been done for centuries.

This is so simple, it hardly needs commenting on – but for Americans it is not simple at all – it is the basis of their complex personality type. When dealing with them, you are always playing a guessing game – which personality are you dealing with?

To be safe, it pays to assume the worst – that you are dealing with a bad guy – a very bad guy.

This is why America, and most of the developed world, is in big trouble. Capitalism was a huge success – until it hit a brick wall – and stopped working – sometime in the middle of the last century. I experienced this personally – and suffered thereby.

And I have also experienced the solution – the Computer, and its Software. Which demands a different kind of person – one who cooperates, instead of competing. These people are doing very well, believe me.

Once again, we are talking about something so simple, it is easily overlooked – by most Americans, who cannot imagine such a possibility. They are used to War, and and think Peace is for sissies! This is the brick wall I mentioned earlier – that exists in their minds only!

What is going to happen? The broad outlines of the future are clear – the Industrial world is dying – a dying that may take a some time. Something will take its place, that will include the Computer and its Software – but what that mix will be, we do not know.


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