The World Cannot be Understood – and For This Reason, Must be Destroyed

Humans are thinking beings – but some of our thinking is rather strange. As our many varieties of mental illness attest.

I cannot explain our latest destructive conclusion – that reasoning is buried somewhere in the human mind, where it is inaccessible.

But we can start with something undeniable – that we are religious beings, and have to believe in something. It doesn’t seem to matter what it is – but this belief has to be certain – or we go crazy.

We can add something else, that came along recently – the Enlightenment belief in Reason. That yielded the many Scientific advances (including health benefits) that our contemporary society was built on. And – economic affluence!

Overlooked in all this was our religious beliefs. That have taken a beating! People are asking themselves “What can I believe in?”

The usual answer “You do not have to believe in anything!” Is profoundly unsatisfying. And prompts the destruction of the society that proposes it. The believers are destroying the nonbelievers – in their temple of reasonableness.

They do not know what they believe in – but that is not necessary – they are simply destroying everything they can get their hands on!

They think they are the best people possible – when they are the worst!


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