When You Lose Your People, You Lose Everything

This is not what Americans think – they think people can be overlooked – because they have become redundant, and can be easily replaced.

Where did they get such an idea? From Computers, and their Software. They now live in a world controlled by computers, and their networks. And they can easily see the obvious – that people are not important, in this world.

This is an overstatement, of course – people are still useful, here and there – for doing manual tasks, such as reading labels, and stocking shelves in supermarkets – or running lawnmowers. But the good jobs are being done by computers.

People are upset by this – without knowing why.

I know why – somewhere along the line, they have lost their minds – and the Computer has taken their place. This process of losing their minds was very important – to say the least – but, as far as I know – has never been adequately recognized.

But guess what? There are people programming those computers. And being paid very well for doing this.

There is a new distinction between the haves and the have-nots. Those who are computer-savvy – and those who are not. The vast majority of the population – the 99 percent.

I don’t have to tell you which kind gets the most gravy.


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