The Power Struggle Between People and Machines

We made a big mistake when we started using machines – we thought we could outsmart them.

But gradually, they stole our minds from us.

At first, they helped the Europeans dominate everyone else – including the Chinese, who had a huge head start. But the Europeans had an instinct for trade over long distances, and for business dealings. When coupled with their machines – including the first one, the Sailing Ship – they had a winning combination. And it wasn’t long before they took over. To the complete surprise of everyone else.

No one imagined this combination would be so successful. But the surprises were just beginning. People kept inventing new machines – and the machines responded by destroying them. In WWI, the Depression, and WWII. Note the sequence – people made machines, and these machines destroyed them. This is not what we have been taught to believe in – a cycle where everything gets better. What can be easily observed, is a cycle where everything gets worse – a lot worse.

This brings us up to the middle of the last century – where this pattern was broken – with the coming of Television and the Computer. And where, once again – people had no idea what was happening to them. And once again, the machines have stolen their minds.

I saw this happening myself, in the Eighties and Nineties – and could not believe my eyes. People were behaving as the Computer instructed them. They handed over their minds – on a silver platter. And became idiots.

At least most of them did. A few of them used their smarts, and took control of the Computer – using its Software.

I keep pointing at these people and saying Look! Look! Look! But these people can see nothing. Their brains are gone.

What is going to happen – with smart computers and stupid people? Fasten your seatbelts everyone, because this is going to be a rough ride!


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