Growing Up in an Anti Human World

This was the 20th Century in Europe and America – WWI, the Depression, and WWII. The people in it made it their business to create the worst world possible – for people. They did not consider themselves people – but super people. The Übermensch of Nietzsche.

I have been wanting to say this forever – and now I have gotten it off my chest!

One of my last activities, when I was working in Silicon Valley in the Nineties – was to be part of a men’s group. Four men, all trying to survive in the Valley – assisted by our therapist. We could discuss anything – except the Valley itself. That was off-limits.

This was true of all the therapies I tried there – and I tried quite a few of them. Nearly every conceivable kind was available.

Including Insight Meditation. Spirit Rock is probably the most beautiful retreat ground in the world! You gotta try it yourself sometime.

I can compare this to the last days of the Roman Empire – that had its philosophers, including Marcus Aurelius. But none of them could see the Empire in its totality. And it fell, and fell hard.

Now, two thousand years later – we have the technology that enables us to take a wide view – the Computer, with its apps that can cope with huge amounts (unlimited amounts) of data.

Will people use it to halt their self-destruction?


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