Successful Technologies Create New Societies

And the people in these societies had to change themselves, to make everything work. People are very adaptable, and can survive almost any situation. Badly damaged, perhaps – but still able to reproduce.

The overall result was a complex of many interrelated components.  Where the concept of causation could not be used – because everything caused everything else!

Plus something else – the people involved did not know this was the situation. In fact, they did not know much of anything – there was so much going on, they could not cope with it – and they decided to know nothing!

The World had gone on auto-pilot – but that pilot was not working very well. People could fly on Jetliners, but these were running out of fuel. The Global Economy was working – but not very well.

And this situation was getting worse all the time. The World had gone through a boom, and was now headed for a bust.


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