Why Don’t People Think?

Because they don’t want to. They can’t see how thinking will do them any good. It takes too long, and they want action, right now!

This is one characteristic of the Mass Mind, as noted by Ortega y Gasset in the Thirties. But no one paid much attention to him. These people act like spoiled children, who demand instant gratification for all their wants – whether they need them, or not.

If they think – they think – this would destroy some of their most cherished beliefs, that they hold dear. What these beliefs are, they do not bother to formulate – but will follow any demagogue that promises them the instant solutions they crave.

These people were the result of the Industrial Revolution, that wanted workers for its factories. People who would not think, but do as they were told. They were replaced by white-collar workers, working in offices – who thought like everyone else – and did not think for themselves.

When WWI, the Depression, and WWII happened – as a direct result, they were baffled. And assumed some unknown force had taken over – that was much too powerful for them to control.

They were right – a new force had appeared, but it could be understood and controlled – if they dropped out of their panic mode.

But this did not happen – people liked being this way – ruled by supernatural forces. And they made sure things did not change. They became conservative – to use an American terminology. And violent.

These forces are now referred to as Globalization – a fancy word for Business (or Greed) on a global scale.


One thought on “Why Don’t People Think?

  1. Mark Dice has his man on the street interviews where he tests people’s knowledge of events like Independence Day. Some U.S. citizens that he interviewed had no idea that we declared our independence from England. When foreigners know more about U.S. history than U.S. citizens, we are in trouble. What is disturbing is that many of these people who don’t know actual U.S. history get to vote.

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