The Satisfaction of Group Activities

Any social animal must feel this. It is immensely satisfying to join in any group activity – no matter what it is.

We should ask ourselves, however – about the morality of these behaviors. We are perfectly capable of the most horrendous group activities.

We should stop occasionally to ask ourselves “What’s going on?” And put this question in the largest possible context – the entire world. We no longer have the luxury of living in small communities – we now live in a global community – and we have to face that awesome fact.

But we aren’t – we are doing our best to ignore this – and, in fact, are making it worse. Wrecking the world can be a group activity also.

I will take this as my starting point – the self-destruction of the entire world. A process that is well-advanced. And which is universally ignored.

I exaggerate here, this is not universally ignored – in some quarters it has been given a lot of thought – about global warming, for example. But these people are a minority – and the majority rules.

Are we doomed? No, the Industrial World is ending and something else is taking its place – the Information World, that is run by Software. We are in the middle of a huge sea-change – that few are aware of.

It is too early to tell if this will be an improvement, overall. It will probably be a mix of good and bad. But it will be a different mix.


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