The Art of Being Nothing

This was the final act in the decline of the Industrial World – the disappearance of the people in it. They could say this was caused by something else – and not by them, because they no longer existed!

Very clever of them, right? They could watch their world falling down about them – and say they had nothing to do with it. They were not responsible for anything, because they were nothing.

And, ironically enough – they were right! The Rich and Powerful now control everything, leaving them practically nothing. They are giving them a big hand, by not noticing this.

By losing themselves, they were losing nothing! When, in fact, they were losing everything.

It has taken me awhile to get a grip on this problem. Living in Silicon Valley in the Nineties, I knew something was wrong – even though everyone else was saying, as loudly as possible “Nothing bad is going on!” I concluded there must be something wrong with me – and became suicidal.

Fortunately, I moved to Costa Rica instead – and gradually realized I was ok. And set about building a new life for myself.

Part of this process was realizing where I had been. There was no lack of books about this – and I read a good share of them. I have been a bookworm from an early age. And I have become a blogger – adding to the mountains of information on this subject. I was not going to let the World roll over me, and smash me flat.

One of my biggest problems was making sense of those I left behind, in the States. What had happened to them? It’s easy enough to say “They decided to not exist!” But does this mean?

They still have their bodies – can walk and talk, and everything else. But something vital was missing. They were not individuals! They were not human – they were antihuman. Righteously so.

That will be the end of my posting today – my discovery of the Righteously Antihuman.



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