When America Had It Made

This was the period right after WWII, when America was the richest, and most powerful nation in history. This did not last, and I want to go over the reasons for this.

First, in my opinion, was America’s lack of social awareness.

In this, they had plenty of company – so much had changed in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century – few could comprehend it. And most prefered to notice nothing. Their world was changing fundamentally – largely due to the impact of mass communications. The Radio and the Movies – and later the Television.

They were overwhelmed by forces they could not understand – and they made the crucial decision to not understand them. The worst decision they could have possibly made – but they stuck with it.

This decision relieved them of the existential pain they were feeling. If they had no feelings, they felt no pain.

This meant they were incapable of making moral (or ethical) judgements. And allowed the worst among them to take control. This resulted in a reversal of values – good became bad, and vice versa.

And no one noticed anything.


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