Disciples of Distrust

NY Review

This is so good, I can hardly believe it!

This is what makes blogging so interesting. You get to pick through heaps of garbage, looking for the pearls in it.

I liked this sentence especially:

Leaders are made by followers. The real question should be: what did the followers want that they could supply?

Coming from a Mormon background, I asked myself the same question about Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. What did his followers get from him? The answers, which the Mormons themselves strenuously object to, are fascinating – but had everything to do with the impact of Industrialization – the big event of the 19th Century.

Garry Wills focuses in the Iraq War – probably a good place to look in our time.

  1. “Leaders are made by followers.” This is true only until the point that leaders hijack the purpose/will/needs of the followers and betray them. Lots of example of that.

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