Disciples of Distrust

NY Review

This is so good, I can hardly believe it!

This is what makes blogging so interesting. You get to pick through heaps of garbage, looking for the pearls in it.

I liked this sentence especially:

Leaders are made by followers. The real question should be: what did the followers want that they could supply?

Coming from a Mormon background, I asked myself the same question about Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. What did his followers get from him? The answers, which the Mormons themselves strenuously object to, are fascinating – but had everything to do with the impact of Industrialization – the big event of the 19th Century.

Garry Wills focuses in the Iraq War – probably a good place to look in our time.


One thought on “Disciples of Distrust

  1. “Leaders are made by followers.” This is true only until the point that leaders hijack the purpose/will/needs of the followers and betray them. Lots of example of that.

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