Being Good for People

Two attitudes now struggle for dominance in the human mind – being good for people (now showing up again, in the 21st Century) and being good for the complex of values that typified 19th Century Society – sometimes reduced to the label – Industrialization. That was not good for people, in the final analysis.

This was taken to an extreme during the dominance of Reagan, in the US, and Thatcher, in the UK. Who believed that society was not responsible for the people in it – who would have to fend for themselves, without any help from anyone else. They were not seen as monsters, but as saviors – who would save us from ourselves.

This was the battleground in the second half of the last century – not a good time to be alive. It continues to amaze me, that this warfare was not recognized. But conducted, unseen, in the Collective Unconscious. And in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Many people have aspired to correct the current system – and they have made some excellent suggestions. But they haven’t gotten to the root of the problem – our attitude toward people. For some reason, this is not seen as a problem. Or as a problem so huge, it cannot be tackled, or thought about.

To the contrary – it can be thought about, as I am doing here – and the last time I checked, I am still alive.

“Yes,” you may say, “You are still alive, but no one is listening to you. There have always been prophets, crying in the wilderness. But they have made little difference.”

If we are in free-fall, which may be the case – nothing can stop us. Or should stop us.


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