I Promise I Will Love You Forever

Yeah, Really? I have opened a can of worms here, and don’t know quite what to do with it.

Speaking for myself, I can say, somewhat to my surprise – that I can say this to the ghost of my ex, who mistreated me, in nearly every way imaginable. Did I love her when we were together, for 5 short years? Not really – I only thought I did.

Did she love me? Hard to say – she was so mixed up, it’s hard to say where she was coming from. She took her cues from her parents – who most definitely did not love each other. Although few noticed this – it was not thought necessary for a successful marriage.

So how can I say, 30 years after her death, at her own hands – that I still love her? I am thinking of what I thought she wanted to be, but could not – a loving wife. She really tried – but failed miserably. And became what she really wanted to be – a vicious man-hater.

I love an illusion, of my own making.

I could take this all kinds of places, as many people have – and perhaps speak of the love of God.

Or speak of Promise Theory in Software Development – that is going somewhere. This stuff is expanding my mind – rather painfully.

If you’re up to it, check it out.


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