I am Only Interested in Things That are Interested in Me

And these things may be computer things – that need me also.

This answers the question – how can people and computers work together? Which, it seems to me – is the question of our time.

I am reading Thinking in Promises and Love in the Dark – which go together well. Love is a promise – as I have said before. And promises are not always kept.

Just as computer programs and products may not work. And in some situations almost never work. Someone makes a promise that people pay for – and they run away with the money.

I saw this happening for 20 years in Coastal California – lies, lies, lies. So many, it’s a wonder the place didn’t sink into the ocean with the weight of them.

I saw this happening in Costa Rica – which, as part of Latin America, is also so full of lies it’s a wonder it doesn’t sink into the ocean.

It may surprise you to learn there are situations – open systems and societies – where promises are kept. Because otherwise – things would not work!  And the people there are determined to make things work – can you believe it?

In my part of Costa Rica people do not cheat. Whereas in most parts they do – and think nothing of it.

And in Open Source software everything works together also – by definition. The Internet works – because that’s the way it was designed – to work. Even your television works, in your part of the world – because it was designed to meet a detailed specification.

Everything works with everything else.


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