The Mind Cannot Be Understood

Traditionally, we have divided ourselves into the head and the heart. The head for thinking, and the heart for feeling. This was a useful distinction, for the time – but now it’s time to move on.

And move on in two ways – by recognizing that we have one body, that everything happens in, with hormones sloshing around all over the place. And that our most important emotions, such as love and hate – exist in a world of their own, out of our control. They immediately grab the steering wheel, and will not let go.

The executive functions of the brain (which do exist) can only report on this amazing state of affairs. That will inevitably result in fortunate or unfortunate consequences.

To put this another way – our emotions have a higher priority than our rational minds. And act much faster.

This is not a cause for despair – I am only asking us to be realistic. And realize that our slower acting logical minds, can have final control – if we chose to make it that way. All we have to do is make the possibility of that choice clearer.

Otherwise, we panic into total destruction. Life is harder now – but not that hard.

We have the same choice we have always had – construction or destruction. Based on whether we think about what we are doing – or not.


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