Someone Has to be Running the World

People are religious beings, but science has not taken this into account. And this has resulted in a basic conflict that must be resolved.

Nietzsche enjoyed considerable notoriety when he said “God is Dead!” But this did him little good when he lost his mind – as religious people like to point out.

And no one, as far as I know, has tried to elucidate this problem – which has gotten worse. People will have their supernatural beings, no matter what – but they also want the material comforts (and health benefits) that Science has brought them. And they don’t know how to have both.

This problem has been a long time coming. And has reached a complete bottleneck, because people do not want to think about it – or much of anything at all. For many practical purposes – they are dead! Denying God has deadened people, because they don’t know how to function without Him.

“This only applies to some people!” You may say – but these people are the vast majority, who now have political control – as the latest election has shown. They want easy answers to everything – the kind of answers that religion can provide.

Allow me to state the problem again – people must have supernatural beings in control of everything. And access to these beings must be easy. And some would add: easy and certain. This is not an easy requirement to meet – because we know next to nothing about the human mind – that makes these requirements.

There is no lack of people who think they know how it works – but You and Me: The Neuroscience of Identity shows they are wrong – on multiple counts.

Allow me to state again – the human mind makes religious requirements – and these must be met. But since these requirements have been shoved into the Collective Unconscious – they cannot even be considered.

And people are destroying their world, as a result.


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