If They are Nothing, Everything is OK

I picked up on this attitude the last time I visited the U.S.

I had a cousin who lived in Northern Virginia, in the D.C. area, and he let me live with him and his wife for three weeks. I had lived in Northern VA before, in the early Sixties – but now it was a different place. Much more affluent, and ruthless. The money that flows into the affluent suburbs of the D.C. area is unbelievable.

In my experience, too much money results in serious communal degradation.

The first thing I noticed about my cousin’s household, was the strict rule against any serious discussion. I have no idea why this rule existed – and they will deny it completely – but I could feel it clearly during our meals together. No serious talk!

And no doubt they were surprised by the triumph of Trump – and can’t understand why it happened. It happened because they let it happen – by doing nothing to stop it. And now it has happened, they are ignoring it!

I  can even see this in Costa Rica, where I now live. My little town was full of tourist buses, that came to see the sights – as all tourists do. And they were happily dining in the local eating houses.  Completely unaware of the disaster  that had overtaken them. “Eat, drink, and be merry!”

And ignore the total collapse of your world.


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