You Have to Start Your Own Business

If you don’t do this, and plan on surviving in other people’s companies – you will suffer. And in your attempts to overcome this suffering, you will be emotionally deformed.

I can see this now, fifty years after I started working, as an Electronic Engineer, in 1959.  I can ask myself now – what kind of company could I have made, back then?

The answer is clear – Solid State Devices (the Transistor) and the Digital Computer – were about to take over. But Electronics, back then, was based on the Vacuum Tube – and I was an expert on them. I would have to give all that up, for an uncertain future. That was too scary, and I went with the sure thing.

And my life, and my wife’s life, became a complete failure.

Did I learn from this? No. I was sucked into the Computer Industry, in 1980 – because I needed a job – and needed one desperately. Once again, I worked at failure after failure – for twenty years, in Southern California, and in Silicon Valley. I felt like a black cloud was following me around.

I did not think of starting my own company, or building my own expertise. I still thought other companies would somehow take care of me.

If I was good for them, they would be good for me. Right?


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