They Live in a World of Their Own Making

In a way, this is always true – people always reach conclusions about how their world works, based on their experiences. Our brains are wired this way. And most of our decision-making is unconscious – and adapted from the conclusions of others. This is how societies are built – automatically.

But sometimes this group decision-making becomes self-destructive – without its people becoming aware of this. And groups like this they can fall rapidly.

Empires rise, and empires fall – and in our case, we should carefully note  where we are in this cycle of growth and decay.

But this is not easy – there are two cycles going on. The Industrial economy is ending – and another one, based on the Computer, is rising. The result is a complicated (indeed, a complex) situation that people cannot begin to understand.

But they do not know they cannot understand – they just go crazy, and wreck everything.


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