The System is In Control

It makes me feel good to say this – although I have no idea what it means. It feels good to know that something is in control – even though I have no idea what it is.

Not too long ago, I would have said “The Machine is in control!” And felt certain that I was right. But it doesn’t sound right now – System is the right  word for our time – that is dominated by the Computer.

The Computer is something I know, and have studied to death. I feel comfortable with it, when I didn’t feel so comfortable with the machine – and machine-people. My father was a car-person, and died in his car. Just as his father was a horse-person, who died in his barn.

The Machine made machine-people stupid, but the Computer is making computer-people smart.

I must carefully distinguish between computer users – really computer addicts – who have married their Smartphones, and cannot live without them. And computer designers – who know how the things work – how dangerous they really are.

Yes, boys and girls, the Computer is dangerous – make no mistake about it. But not dangerous in the way you are thinking – not the bad ogre that will gobble you up. It can carefully insert itself between you and the rest of the world. Saying it only wants to help you – when it is actually weakening you.

Beware of computer people who are offering you gifts. Look at their presents carefully. Take the Trojan Horse as an example.

But there are some excellent free gifts – I am learning the Python programming language and the PythonAnywhere whatever-it-is (it don’t know how to describe it). I have to depend on my fellow-developers to make all this safe – since it is far too much for me.

I had the misfortune to be born at the wrong time – when working in an office (any office) meant being attacked as a person.

Perhaps this situation is improving.


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