When People Decided to Stop Being People

This is the strangest decision I can imagine – but for the people of the time, it seemed perfectly natural. Why be a person when you can be so much more?

This is one of the results of Christianity – and their belief that they could die and join Christ in Heaven. This later became the belief that the dead would rise again, in their bodies – and live ever after in a Heaven on Earth. As sung in Handel’s Messiah.

The Industrial Revolution – the most important revolution of  all  time – gave people immense new powers – unlimited energy, for them to use as they pleased. They became superhuman! And didn’t mind this at all.

But they quickly used this power in the worst kind of way – to destroy each other, in WWI, the Depression, and WWII (with the Holocaust). Why they made this reversal of values, we do not know – but we know they did! Perhaps they saw a world that was not good for them, so they decided to destroy it – and the creatures they had become.

Something in the human brain makes such sudden, radical changes easy.


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