We Do Not Know How to Love

I continue to read Love in the Dark. And I continue to realize how little love was in my family – practically none at all. And how it was never missed. And how my family was normal for its time and place.

What a huge loss!

I speak as a man who was married – and thought he was in love. But later realized he was not – or at least not very much.

Beth kicked me out of her life, and never missed me. She later reconsidered, and made an attempt at a reconciliation – but this lasted for only 30 minutes – before she tore into me again. Hate, for her, was stronger than love.

And she no doubt got this from her parents, who got it from their parents – and so on.

Love has to give way to more practical matters – mostly matters of money and prestige.

Or even hate pretending to be love.


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