They are not Responsible

They are not responsible for anything that has happened. Because they do not exist. And they consider that the cleverest dodge imaginable.

I just listened to Poetry in the Aftermath – and was comforted to hear that I was not alone in my perception of a severe crisis in America.

Poetry for me has to relate to our present social situation, right now – and not some abstract theorizing.

I bought the book The Giving Earth – containing the poetry of John Neihardt, collected by his daughter. I was disappointed in it.

I knew him, in person, at the University of Missouri, in 1962 – and took his class, where he read his poetry, and rambled on about much else. At the time he was the poet laureate of Nebraska (really!) and was well known in that region – where I came from also – Iowa, Illinois, Missouri.

He was very much a real person – I remember his erotic poetry particularly. But so far I have not found him in this book.


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