It’s Broke, and It Can’t Be Fixed

It was broken when the people in it were eliminated. When they were gone, nothing could work because people are the only things on earth with a sense of purpose.

This was not noticed, at the time, because what took over – Industrialization, Capitalism – was quite capable of operating on its own.

I can remember this well. I was born into an Industrial town, Ft. Madison, Iowa – and I remember what the Sheaffer Pen Company thought of people, back in the Fifties. It said, in effect “We give you jobs (without which you could not possibly survive) and in return, you give us, your minds and your bodies. Fair enough?” Everyone agreed that was fair enough.

No one noticed when Big Business eliminated Small Business – including the Family Farm. They had no idea what was going on.

No one had the moxie to see what was going on. And even today, no one has the guts to remember how people were destroyed – so much so, they can not recover from that – but continue this destruction on their own.

Instead of knowing themselves, they rely on the models provided by their media – especially Television. They don’t dare be themselves – because they would be killed. So they do the killing themselves.

Could this be stopped? Yes, it could – in theory. But that would involve going back, and taking a good look at what happened, and why it happened.

And this will never happen.


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