The Choice

People always have a choice – to be bad, or to be good. People choose whatever appeals to them the most, at the time.

They may choose for other reasons also – they are making choices constantly, all the time. Many of them trivial – as any animal does.

But people, who are born with only the most rudimentary thinking skills, just enough to stay alive – learn quickly. Largely because adults, expecially the mother – is eager to teach them.

These young children, who are naturally sociable, learn what things other people approve of – and disapprove of. Which is the basis of morality – good and evil.

Since the advent of Television and the Internet – people get their values from watching these, which makes it easy for dictators to arise – all the have to do is control the media.

Let me return to the discussion I started with – people’s choosing to be good or bad. In the case of bad – they do not choose this directly. that would be too embarrassing, but they will go with whatever leader sugar-coats it – to make it palatable, in their eyes. Being bad can be just as satisfying as being good – and is often easier.

Let me say that again – being bad can just as satisfying as being good. And in some situations – more satisfying. And people will go with whatever satisfies them the most.

All we have to do, is look around us – and see what choices people have made. Americans (and many other people) have chosen to be bad, or destructive.

There are reasons for this – as always. But the decision stands on its own. And can be easily seen by an outside observer. People will never admit they have chosen to be bad (or destructive) and it does no good to tell them of this.

Take, for example this latest announcement from the Google – about its Cloud Platform Machine Learning. This is all about making businesses more profitable – not making them better. Google cannot think out of the box – but stays carefully inside it.

Supporters of Google will reply that Google is making the companies that use its technology more useful (to other companies, and everyone else). This may be true – but Google has made no strong efforts to undo the disadvantages of Industrialization – which continue to plague our time.


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