Basic Understanding

I think I have achieved a basic understanding of my self and my culture. But this has included the realization that the American culture I  came from does not understand itself, and doesn’t want to. This is the worst situation possible – a culture that is destroying itself – end can’t realize that it is doing so.

This is a straight-forward statement of the problem, it seems to me – but most people will not accept it – but consider me crazy, instead. I accept this – what else can I do?

Perhaps a brief summary of my personal history would help.

I am from the Deep Midwest – the intersection of Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. And from a religious family (the RLDS church). I was born in 1936, and can remember the Fifties well. I graduated from the U of Illinois, in 1959, as an Electronic Engineer.  And made lots of money during the Cold War, specializing in Radar.

Electronics, back then, meant vacuum tubes – and I was an expert on them. When they were replaced by solid state devices – such as the transistor – I was out of a job.

In 1980, I transitioned to the Computer Industry – although we did not realize that at first. And we certainly did not realize what a huge transition this would be. After working in coastal Southern California – Ventura County down to San Diego – I left that for Silicon Valley in 1990. Where things got really crazy.

There have been numerous accounts of how things got crazy. But no overall awareness of just how bad things got. Being aware of this, was beyond the comprehension of most people. They went into shock, and did not recover from it.

Two things were happening at the same time – the Industrial World (a complicated event in itself) was ending, and another world was starting. We don’t have a name for this yet – but we sometimes call it the Information Economy.

Whatever it is, it is putting many people out of work – and they are freaking out. Some huge force has hit them – and they are trying to strike back. Unsuccessfully, since they don’t know what they are striking at.

I can understand what is going on, fairly well – but I cannot get people out of their panic mode – so they can understand also. They have to understand where they are coming from – and where they are going to. That’s all.

But instead, all they can to is wreck everything.


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