The Organization has Replaced God

I can remember the arrival of the Organization Man, when I was in college, in the Fifties. Actually, he had showed up earlier, late in the 19th Century, with Big Business, but no one had taken much notice of him. But by the Fifties, it became impossible to not notice him. He had taken over. And everyone had to dance to his tune.

My family belonged to the RLDS church, that was financed by rich farmers in northern Illinois. It could not adapt to Corporate culture, and disappeared in the Seventies. The LDS church, by contrast, was a large company itself – and its leaders became leaders in Industry – and rich.

Actually, the Organization had shown up much earlier – thousand of years earlier, with the Medieval Christian Church. Which was the successor to the Roman Empire – and its organizations. And you could go back thousands of years earlier – to the beginnings of Civilization itself. To the first Empires, that came and went.

Those large organizations were unstable – and still are. Our present global instability will probably not result in a total collapse – but a partial collapse is going on right now.


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