What is Important?

I have one insight that I cling  to with all my strength.

I grew up in a world that did not think people were important – while I stubbornly believed that we were. I still believe this – but I also realize that most people do not – although they will not come right out and say so. What they really believe is safely tucked away in their unconscious minds, where it  cannot be seen – but where it calls all the shots.

Where they derived this belief from, is easy to see – from Industrialization. Which produced the Corporation, in all its glory! People could easily look behind its facade – and see the raw power behind it. And see how it could squash them, without giving them a thought.

This last perception – that it could squash them – was erroneous. But that made no difference – everyone believed it could, and that was all that mattered. A universal belief is a powerful social force – that amounts to a fact, in the minds of its believers.

In the workplace, the Corporation was the prototype for all human interaction. Everyone thought in terms of it.

Recently, this viewpoint has been questioned – it was easy to see that this was not the way organizations actually worked – but inside corporations, people still behaved the same way – their corporation was their world. And they were afraid to look beyond that.

What kind of people did all this create? Awful people.

I realize this is not a very good description – but it’s the first word that comes to my mind. Plenty of other people have also come to this conclusion – but have have kept it safely under wraps.

I’m reminded of an effort make by the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, just north of San Francisco. They decided they were going to solve the problem. And gave this effort some publicity. They would collect all their best meditators for a month or so, meditate day and night – and solve it by brute force. They failed, but kep this quiet.

They did not have the nerve to call attention to the obvious – that people had become awful. If they said this, no one would support their organization financially.


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