What the Computer is Trying to Tell Us

It is telling us “Make sense!” But  it doesn’t have many listeners.

People don’t want to be reasonable, as was assumed for the longest time. It almost seems they want to be crazy instead. This puts back us on square one, long before the Computer came on the scene. When we wondered “What kind of craziness is running things now?”

Let me run that by you again. A few hundred years ago, during the Enlightenment, we thought we were rational creatures. This was a pleasant illusion, that we have never given up – despite the reality, beginning with the French Revolution – that we were far from rational.

Somehow, we believed that all this craziness was somehow rational. And we still wear our poor brains out, trying to make sense of it.

This was so frustrating, we went completely crazy – and did decided not to think – or even to wreck it all. Which we seem to be doing – quite well.

I repeat – we are destroying everything, and find this satisfying.


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