The Fall of the American Empire

Americans themselves do not recognize this – which convinces me, that this process is well advanced. The first part of any social collapse is the social unawareness of the people involved. This allows the collapse to continue – at an increasingly rapid pace.

I was intensely aware of this, back in the Fifties, when I was exposed to The Office. Which I could not stand, but for most people, seemed perfectly natural. The coming of The Office must have dated back to the arrival of Big Business in the late 19th Century. Neither my Father or my Mother had been exposed to this – and was unaware of its dangers. That would soon do them in.

I had a cousin, who I didn’t meet until much later – who was also allergic to the office environment. He graduated as a social worker, but failed at that because he could not work in an office. He was out of a job! His wife left him in disgust, taking their children with her. He was finished in Ohio, but he had a sister, and her husband, who lived in Northern Virginia, in the D.C. area. They invited him to live with them while he got his life sorted out. He took Adult Education courses, which included tests to see what kind of work he would be good at. He became successful Surveyor (where he didn’t have to work in an office) and remarried.

When he told me his story, I could see what had happened – but he could not. This was one area he did not want to talk about at all! And the rest of our family was the same way – they would not see what had happened to him either.

Self-awareness was forbidden also.


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