Big Changes, Little People

We are living through an era of big changes, something people are poorly adapted to. They want to make small changes, and wait to see what their effects are – before making any more. Since this is no longer possible – they want to wreck everything and start over.

Sound interesting?

It’s as good an explanation as any. And should be taken seriously – because it takes people seriously. And it takes them as they are (warts and all) – not as they should be.

If it does nothing else, it will make us look at ourselves realistically – something the Christian approach did not. As you see, I think we have to go back to that – the impact of Christianity on Western culture. That forced a restart of the Ancient world, and produced the Middle Ages, and then the Modern World.

The basics of Christianity are simple – a belief in Christ! A being part man and part god – that had divine powers. This could be easily expanded, as it was by Newton, into a belief in natural laws. That ruled the world, as God intended them to.

The Industrial Revolution latched onto this belief, and made its people believe they had become demigods. Mechanical demigods, it is true – but this gave them huge advantages. Living in a country that never felt the effects of Industrialization (Costa Rica) I can see the advantages that it conferred.

North Americans understand the Industrial concept of absolute space and time. Latin Americans do not – everything for them is relative. The effects of this simple belief are awesome – it produced the developed world, and the undeveloped world.

Contemporary people, who may not be religious, still feel that – something powerful is running the show. And they are right – powerful forces are at work, that make individuals seem puny. And they have accommodated to these forces, by something equally amazing – they have become nothing!

The overall effect, as I said at the beginning – has been a complete destruction, forcing a complete restart.


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