The Mass Extinction, and the Resurrection – of the Masses

You know what a mass extinction is, any grade school kid knows that – but who are the masses?

They were discovered, in the Thirties, by Ortega y Gasset. Everyone knew he had made a valuable discovery – but like many discoveries, that didn’t fit in – they were forgotten. The masses themselves, however, remained very much alive, and had huge effects on their times. When the Nazis appeared, no one knew what to make of them – because they were part of the masses.

The American Civil War, WWI, the Depression, and WWII – were the times when the Industrial economy (and its masses) – suffered a mass extinction.

No one missed them – because another kind of mass mentality was bearing down on us at lightening speed. This time it was caused by the Television networks that were busy creating their own masses. TV watchers bought what it told them to buy, this was hardly surprising – but they also looked to the magic screen, to tell them what kind of people to be.

This was followed by the Computer, and its networks – the Internet and the Wireless. And, miracle of miracles – the smartphone. When people weren’t watching their TV, they were watching their iPhone. They weren’t robots – but they were something close to it – bots.

The masses had been resurrected! And when Trump appeared, they (once again) did not know what to make of him.


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