Corporate Insanity

I don’t have to tell any of you what this is – you have all been through it, and accumulated your battle scars. It is one of those things that have been pushed under the rug – until it cannot hide any more.

I am reading The Phoenix Project – a novel about a software company that has gone completely nuts. Not an uncommon situation – as I learned from working 20 years in the software industry (1980-2000).

The central character is a guy who retired from the Marine Corp, with a wife, children, a mortgage – and no money in the bank. He learned IT (Information Technology) which was not hard – and managed an IT team. He was satisfied with his job – and determined to go no higher. He had found his place in the trenches, and was not going over the top – and getting his head blown off.

Then, to his complete surprise – he found himself doing just that – and learning a new Software Development strategy – DevOps. The cast of characters is all too familiar – upper managers that knew nothing – ruthless, scheming, manipulative women – and hopelessly overworked technical experts.


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