What We Need is Not another New Product, but a New Way of Being

No doubt you agree with me – especially with the first part, about new products – but are stumped by the whole idea of being.  “What on earth is that?” You may ask, and “What can we do about that?”

The answer is “We have to do something about that.” Beginning with thinking about that. Something we have not been encouraged to do.

The way of life that developed, in the developed world, in the 19th Century – depended on our not thinking about what we were doing. And allowing The Machine to take over.

This made us richer than we had ever dreamed of – but socially inept. One hundred years of the most brutal wars, and the worst atrocities, the world has ever seen.

The worst of these effects was our inability to think – because we had been sternly ordered not to think. Our whole way of life depended on it.

But, as we were beginning to realize, this way of life was of dubious value. And was, in fact, self-destructive.

But we can have our cake, and eat it too. We can keep the goodies we now enjoy (or at least most of them, especially the medical advances) – and we can build a new life for ourselves.

All we have to overcome is – our fear of thinking.


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