People Have Eliminated Themselves to Make Something Better

I am certain of this, but no one else cares about it – the most important decision the human race has ever made.

Everyone seems to think the decision to eliminate ourselves, has already been made – and for this reason, talking about it is useless. We have to accept it, push ahead, and pretend it never happened.

This is stupid, as stupid as it can be. And we have to back up – and start over – by taking a closer look at ourselves.

I am reading a huge book Cognitive Neuroscience, which is about the Biology of the Mind. This is reducing Human Nature into its component parts – the neurons in the brain.

Scientists are asking themselves how the brain, composed of enormous numbers of neurons, arranged in complex ways – can produce human behavior.

We can no longer say “Because God made us this way!” Or even “That’s just the way it is!” We have minds, and they have to be used to figure things out.

The conclusion that has been arrived at, however, is “It’s too much to understand – so we will just wreck it!”


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