Who Are These People?

Foreign Affairs – the End of Globalism

The author, Eric X. Li – has invented a new category of people – the Middle Class. Who the ruling elites, in America, and Europe, have ignored – and, as a result, have risen up against them. This is Marxist in flavor.

I cannot speak of the EU, but I can speak of America, where I was born – and lived most of my life. I would describe these people differently – as the Masses discovered by Ortega y Gasset in the Thirties – updated by the Television and the Computer, late in the 20th Century. They are out of touch with reality – and destructive.

And they live everywhere – not just in the countries mentioned.

He tries to minimize these conflicts, by concentrating on China:

China’s ideas are fundamentally compatible with Trump’s vision. Strong sovereign nations are paramount to a functioning international system. The primacy of culture must be recognized, and enforcing uniform rules should never take precedence over national considerations. Multilateral institutions, moreover, should not be used to suppress bilateral engagements when bilateral arrangements are more effective. All these statements could have been uttered by Trump or by Xi.

And ends with this:

China harbors no designs to somehow replace the United States as the dominant world power. It naturally seeks to reclaim a leadership position in its neighborhood. And America needs to focus on rebuilding itself. If the two nations have the wisdom and pragmatism to work together on those goals, to live and let live, they can perhaps formulate a new consensus on global governance that will lead to a more stable world.


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