The Invention of the Superhuman

This invention of something that did not exist, and never could exist – had a more profound impact than any of the inventions of the 19th Century, that did exist.

But perhaps I am stating this badly – it did exist, but only in the mind of its believers – it was only an idea, but a very powerful one – that would get more powerful with time – as people identified with it more closely. As they became less powerful, in their individual self – they became more powerful, in their collective self. Their superhuman self.

As I look around, at my fellow-Americans, I can see many people who, in my opinion – do not exist! But I am only reporting on what I can see. What I cannot see, but they can – is their superhuman self – that is all-powerful. As God once was.

I bring God into this discussion for a reason – He was also an illusion, but an all-powerful one. As the world became secular, we made the huge mistake of assuming that God no longer existed, and was no longer important! He still existed, and was desperately needed.

I could now talk about the resurgence of regressive religion – but I prefer to talk about the advances in Software Development. The two are not so far apart, really.

Software has been advancing at a rapid pace – but I see the same thing happening there – the emergence of the Superhuman – and the avoidance of the Human.

I am not against using the Computer – I  am using one right now, to write this blog. And I can see how it can be very useful. But I can also see it can mislead people into thinking they are superhuman.


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