Business is Theft

This one of those things everyone knows, but everyone keeps quiet about. Business is all-powerful, and can take whatever it wants – from wherever it can get it. As long as it doesn’t get too outrageous.

I am listening to An Economic History of the World since 1400 and have learned a thing or two. I can see how Business became so important – until, in most people’s minds, it has become everything.

This is a shameful state of affairs – so they push it under the rug – which now has some much stuff under it, some of it is leaking around the edges. They have the uncomfortable feeling that something is wrong – but they have no idea what it is – and don’t want to know.

Working in the Computer Industry, I saw a few of these businesses come and go – and could see how they operated. A handful of people (and only a select few) get together and organize a corporation – with them at the top. Or, they may take over another company. and milk it dry. If they succeed, they rake in the cash – if they fail, everyone else (their investors, their customers, their employees) suffer. But they just walk away – and try some other scam.

In a few cases, they actually produce a useful product or service – but the emphasis is always on making money – and a lot of it.

There is now a new emphasis on making businesses that are good for society. Really.

Every Business School is pushing this – because they can see the existing system cannot last much longer.

The People, and their Government – are stuck in the middle – being pushed, and pulled, both ways. They should be getting smarter – but instead, are getting stupider.

Much stupider.


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