People Have Adapted to Computers, But Computers Have Not Adapted to People

This may strike you as the stupidest statement possible, and maybe it is – but bear with me, as I struggle to explain it.

The most important discovery we have ever made was the Machine. We adapted to the machine, as we do with every successful technology – without understanding the immensity of this adaptation.

It made us see the world in a new way – as a vast machine. That we could benefit from, by tapping into the vast reservoirs of energy residing therein. And, equally important – reorganizing ourselves to be like a vast machine also.

The difference between this world view, and the one that proceeded it was immense. We went from the Medieval Christian Church to the Internet, hardly stopping to catch our breath. And now we wonder why we are so crazy – how else could we be?

We have to back up a few years, to the middle of the 19th Century – and take a good look at what was happening then. This is when the wheels came off our wagon – and things did not get better, but kept getting worse. This is not what I am supposed to be telling you – I am supposed to be telling you how things got better and better – and they did in some ways. But overall, things got worse. In WWI, the Depression, and WWII. All closely related developments. The Machine had some fatal defects.

We started to improve on these defects – but were hit Television and the Computer (in the form of the Smartphone) – that quickly took over. They could have made things better – but only made things worse. This latest tragedy is becoming evident to computer people – but has not registered with most people.

People may be stupid, but they are not completely stupid – and they could see these developments were not in their best interest. And they reacted they only way they could think off – by destroying everything! This was not hard, and put them back in control – not the other things they could not understand at all.

This is not a new observation – Ortega y Gasset made it in the Thirties – when the Masses revolted and produced Fascism, in its many varieties. Now they are doing the same thing – slightly modified to suit present circumstances.


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