The Masses Have Risen and Taken Control

Democracy is not working the way Americans expected it to. They assumed capable leaders would arise, like Abraham Lincoln, and make everything right. They ignored completely the growing presence of the Masses.

As a result, the Masses have infiltrated their ranks – and taken over.

Who are these people? People who are no longer people – but are completely unaware of this.

At this point, I might as well fold my tent, and depart – because no one is listening to me. But perhaps a few are, and for them, and for myself, I will continue. I love to hear myself talk.

People have always been motivated in two ways – by ideals and by power. Navigating between the two of them has always been tricky – and requires considerable social awareness. But when a society become too power-oriented it loses this social awareness. And runs on autopilot – where forces it is not aware of are at the controls. And people in this state are the Masses.

That summarizes my theory nicely – and also shows how the Masses have become nearly everyone. One of their characteristics is that they have a narrow focus – they are not aware of the big picture – and don’t want to be. That is so bad, they do not want to know about it.

As a result, it keeps getting worse.


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