When Gestalt Died

I got to witness this myself, in the Seventies, in the scenic, remote Utah desert.

I had been working in Denver, but had dropped out – as many did at the time – and was trying to find myself. I went to workshops, as many people did at the time – where people were trying to learn about themselves – and everyone else. This was the Sixties – that extended into the Seventies, and even the Eighties, in some places.

The emphasis here was on people, and I knew a young woman who ran the People Place – where I met a guy who was a student of Fritz Perls – and was passing on his teaching – in a series of workshops. The atmosphere here was saturated with Sex – and many assumed the two were synonymous. And they were not too far wrong.

I became a student of the guy who was a student of Fritz. And ended up living with his first wife on a remote ranch on the Delores River – not far from Arches National Park. I became part of his family – wife number one, his mother, and wife number three – a beautiful blond who was a sexy as she could be. Wife number two lived not far away, and sometimes visited us.

Sound interesting? It was, in a weird kind of way Рthat other people who had lived through similar experience, can easily identify with.

The whole scene did not last very long – by the time the Nineties arrived it, was gone forever – and few wanted to remember it.


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