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This was a common objective in the Sixties, and we took it seriously. Now, we do not want to remember that such a time existed.

It was mainly done as a group activity. At one time the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) ran encounter groups – that they thought had the potential to transform human society. This didn’t happen, but at the time we were more optimistic about making a better world.

I ran one of the groups myself, back in the Eighties, in San Diego. I shared a room with another technical writer, and he kept going on about how much he wanted some kind of intense group activity. I finally got tired of this, and told him to advertise for this group in the New Age newspapers – and I would find place for the group to meet in. He did a great job of advertising for this group – and soon had a number of people eager to begin.

I had just moved into a new apartment, so I agreed for the group to meet there. We sat around on the floor of my living room, and told each other about ourselves. We had only one rule – only one person would talk at time, and everyone else would respectfully wait for him to finish. This worked fine, and we had some interesting characters in the group. My friend never showed up.

Eventually, my job ended in San Diego – and the group never found anyplace else to meet. The Sixties were coming to a close – and these groups with it. Although Codependency groups continued to meet for awhile.

LBJ had his Great Society – and accomplished some radical social improvements in Human Rights. Then, abruptly, he had the Vietnam War.

This sudden reversal of social values was something no one expected – but have been typical of our highly-connected times. We once thought better times were ahead for the Global Community – with its social apps such as Facebook and Twitter. But just the opposite happened – people preferred malicious interactions over helpful ones.

This was no doubt due to the Social Climate of the times – that changed from Constructive to Destructive.

Something no one wants to talk about.


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