Poor Mexico!

So far from God,  and so close to America!

I can remember Mexico City in the late Forties – when it was still a delightful (and inexpensive) place for Americans to visit.

Back then, Mexicans could easily enter the States and work here, as long as they wanted – which was usually not too long. They quickly got homesick, and went back – taking their money with them.

The New York Review reviews Paint the Revolution: Mexican Modernism, 1910-1950 here is a quote from that, written in 1936:

The consciousness of Mexico today is a chaos in which the new forces of an entire world are seething

My girl friend back in Silicon Valley in the Nineties, was a Mexican born in Montana – where her father worked as an agricultural laborer. Her family left Mexico to save their lives – and also in search of work.

My parents, and many other Americans, retired in Mexico, in the Seventies – but didn’t stay too long. Mexico was not as nice as it had been, and they moved to the Texas border area – where they could still enjoy Mexican culture, without the violence.


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