Speech Technology

Computers now have the ability to change speech to text, and change text to speech. An amazing technology. Amazon now uses this in its Echo Dot, which I have written about already.

If I say something to Alexia, it changes this to text, and then uses this as a command to do something else. Pretending that it understands what I want. Which most often, it does not.

Computer manufacturers are not using this technology – which is available from Amazon and Microsoft – for free!

Why? Because their customers do not want it. They can already talk to other people, and other people can talk to them. They can listen to music, all they want. They do not want to talk their computer (or their smartphone)  Рor have it talk to them.

It can already beep them, to make them look at it. But this annoys people – they want to order their computer around – not have it order them around!

Amazon could easily allow me to make my Dot smarter – by telling it “When I say this – do this!” But Amazon wants to keep it stupid.

Is this stupid, or what?


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