The Machine is Not Interested in Us

We have put so much of ourselves into our machines, they have acquired a strange life of their own – and now constitute a mortal danger to ourselves. All these strange people that no one can understand are really machines that have occupied the bodies and minds of people.

I know when I say this, I sound like a nut case – too far out to be believed. But let me explain what I mean. It’s really not that complicated.

The Machine gave us the advanced concepts that made our advanced global economy possible. It made us see the existence of an objective reality, much larger than the subjective reality, that we were used to. It gave us the concepts of infinite time and space. That gave us the ability to reorganize the world to our own liking. It let us play God – to put this in religious terms. A role we did not mind at all. Although we were not nearly smart enough to do this.

Living in an undeveloped country, Costa Rica, I can easily see how the lack of these skills has handicapped it. It cannot plan its public expenditures – and wastes its precious money on useless projects. Planning is such a foreign skill, they cannot even conceive of it – and reject it entirely.

Let me return to the Developed world, that still has plenty of money – but is destroying itself. What is going on?

Its advanced economy has not benefited many of its people – and they have responded by destroying it. This is not smart, to say the least – but that is the only thing they can think of. They want to go back to an imaginary world – that will make them important again.

This is The Problem confronting us – and the one we should be concentrating on. The Machine gave us some advanced technical skills – without giving us the social skills to use them.


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