The Computer’s Effect on Social Awareness

There are two lines of thought about this – one positive, and the other negative. The positive side gets much more publicity – because it is business-friendly.

This problem goes back to the middle of the 19th Century, when Industrialization was in full swing. And a series of Industrial wars were about to devastate the world – the American Civil War, WWI, the Depression, and WWII. Something was obviously wrong. We should have taken a close look at what we were doing – and how that was effecting our attitude towards each other.

I can make that personal. In 1947, my family moved to a beautiful little fruit-growing town on the Mississippi River. It had plenty of vineyards and orchards. And small Family Farms were everywhere. The town was also full of small businesses – the Mayor owned a garage, that employed several people. There were several small grocery stores, a hardware store, a newspaper, and a Barber Shop.

Ten years later, these were all gone!

And no one noticed this. There was one unwritten, but powerful rule – notice nothing! Especially what was happening to our society.

Let me bring this up to the 21st Century – when new technologies have taken over – TV and the Computer. We are told, over and over, how Artificial Intelligence is making our lives wonderful! But, once again – we are sternly told to not look at the dark side. And Trump has appeared out of nowhere.

The two are related – the Global Computer Economy and the Global Social Collapse. We don’t have to have the Collapse – but we do have to look at the social effects of these extremely rapid changes.

We may have dropped the straw the broke the Camel’s back.


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