Our Most Basic Attitude

Our most basic attitude is our attitude towards each other. Are we in favor of people, or not?

This is crucial when we consider ourselves in relation to our machines. We have not done a good job of putting ourselves in a favorable relationship with them. Usually, we end up on the short end of the stick. They do well, and we do poorly.

And we let them determine our attitude toward each other. We become like machines ourselves – and consider this perfectly normal. Machines, however, are only interested in using us – to their advantage.

“Hold on!” You may be saying, “Machines cannot act by themselves, they have no minds of their own.” Thank you for bringing up this important point. You are right, and you are not right.

Machines do not come out of nowhere – we make them, and they are part of us. And any successful machine becomes part of who we are.

Take, for example, the Egyptian Pyramids. These still exist, and inspire awe. They were built by a machine composed only of people. Each part of the task of building a pyramid was assigned to a special group of people. Some architect (of whom we know nothing) figured this out – and assigned different people to do different jobs. They simply did what they were told. These were the skilled workers – and rest of the population produced the bread and beer to feed them.

Today, thousands of years later – society is organized the same way. Only the skilled workers are knowledge workers.

A situation that the unskilled workers, who support them – resent intensely.


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