Society is a Machine

“So,” you may say, “so what?’ Good question, and I’m glad you asked me that. I will explain myself.

Civilization, that originated only a few thousand years ago, entailed large-scale urban societies – cities. And hierarchical power structures, and the domesticated plants and animals that we still rely on today. It’s not hard to see this as a machine, composed of many moving parts, working together. But, early on, warfare often interrupted this harmony.

But time moved on, and we now have a society so different it’s hard to see any continuity. But we have more of a machine than ever. Most people do not act as people, anymore – but as parts of a large, unconscious machine, coordinated by mass communications. Behaving this way is easy – just behave as everyone else does in your immediate vicinity.

The existence of this machine has been noticed by many – so I am not saying anything new. I am only saying, along with many others – that we need to take a careful look at it. Since it is not working very well.

Here is where I part from the 99 percent – who will insist, as loudly as they can, that everything is fine! If it is just left alone, everything will work out fine. Thinking about it is traitorous – and must not be done.

At the same time, at the ballot box – they can see, very well, that things are not working very well at all – and they want someone to fix everything for them.

They do not see his as contradictory behavior – to their minds, everything fits together perfectly. It is up to us, to see this perfection also.

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in handy. It develops models of human behavior – and the model here is simple – observe things as they are – and then reverse these observations – and act on them.

The reversal step is crucial – and to the minds doing this, absolutely necessary. You may say this is insane – and you would be right.

But that’s the way things are.


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