The Religious Reaction to Modernity

We have flattered ourselves into thinking that we have evolved into Enlightened beings. When it is perfectly obvious that we have not. What really happened?

Two things happened at the same time. We became technically advanced – but socially retarded. The technical side of this equation has well-documented – but the social side has not.

It is my position, that underlying this technical advance, there has been a stubborn, unconscious rejection of it – based on religious values.

These religious values were developed during the thousand years of Medieval Christianity. Plenty of time for them to become well-entrenched – and to form the unconscious rejection of the Modern World that followed it.

We developed a split personality – a technical personality, that became very advanced with the Computer – and a Religious personality that was determined to sabotage it.

Computer people have been baffled by the response of the Other people when implementing their improvements. This is similar to what happened in the Thirties, with the rise of Fascism. The Nazis were delighted with their new tanks and airplanes – and used them to destroy themselves, and plenty of other people as well.

The mass of the people, in the 21st Century, are now doing the same thing – delighted to make everything stop working. They are surrounded by material abundance – but deep inside, they know what is really going on.


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