Our intelligence is our most important gift – to ourselves, and to others. There is now so much interest in Artificial Intelligence, you would expect this to improve our basic human intelligence as well.

However, it is not working this way. People have become stupid – and the Computer has to become intelligent in order to compensate for this. And this decision to become stupid, it seems to me – was a deliberate one.

Since this was an unconscious decision – the reasons behind this are not readily available – and we have to guess at what they were. We cannot run history over again, and experiment with different variables, to see how they work. As we do with laboratory rats.

All we can do is note that many things happened at the same time – and assume they are the all determining factors in that culture, at that time. Sociologists and Historians have dealt with this problem – and are more qualified to speak of it than I am. But that’s the best I can do.

I will only make one assertion – that people have become stupid and destructive. And not capable of noticing this.

This always happens at the end of an empire, or any large society – such as today’s global economy. It stops working and disappears.

This is easy to see in the Computer Industry itself. Companies come and go like mushrooms sprouting on manure. We are assured that this is a good thing – creative destruction – and this is sometimes the case.

But much of this churn accomplishes nothing – being driven by people out to make a fast buck. And causes useless economic booms and busts instead.

The latest being in 2008, that we have not fully recovered from yet.


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